AIS Radar

AIS Radar for iPhone®

AIS Radar displays AIS (Automatic Identification System) data received from marine AIS transponders such as the ExNC 101 Class B AIS Transponder over a Wi-Fi network. For AIS transponders or receivers without built-in Wi-Fi support, an external serial-to-Wi-Fi adapter such as SEAMate1A® Lite, the iMux, the Roving Networks RN-370 or the Digi Connect® Wi-SP can be used. Alternatively, the application can display AIS data received from public internet AIS feeds such as Hi-Def San Francisco.


March 23, 2013: Version 1.2 is available on the App Store. The new release supports the iPhone 5 display and can use an external GPS/GNSS receiver (via NMEA 0183 RMC sentences) instead of the iPhone's built-in GPS receiver to determine the own ship's position if the AIS receiver does not provide this information. This release no longer supports the original iPhone and iPhone 3G.

Application Features

  • Radar PPI-like display of AIS targets with course/heading and speed information.
  • Selectable display range.
  • Symbols for different targets (vessels with AIS class A and class B transponders, SAR aircraft and navigation aids).
  • Computation of closest point of approach (CPA) and time to closest point of approach (TCPA).
  • Option to hide slow moving (or non-moving) targets from Radar view.
  • Tap to select targets, double-tap to display detailed information about selected targets.
  • Pinch gestures and +/- buttons to change display range.
  • Different display modes: Heading Up, Course Up and North Up.
  • List and detail views for AIS targets, displaying all available information about a target in clear form.
  • Viewer for AIS safety-related broadcast messages.


  • Radar Screen
  • Radar Screen
  • Radar Screen
  • Radar Screen
  • Radar Screen


This application is no replacement for professional marine equipment. Always adhere to the principles of good seamanship and use proper caution and common sense when commanding a ship.

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